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DEFUNI Sanitary Ware Co

DEFUNI Sanitary Ware Co., located in China Shower Room manufacturing base, Once Upon hometown - China Foshan, Guangdong. Founded in 2005, is a collection development, production, sales as one of professional shower room manufacturer. Company covers an area of 18,000 square meters, the main products are simple shower room, shower trays and other products, products sold throughout the country, the business home and abroad. De Funi people eight years ago, the creation of each one. We offer a complete design, production and services, from concept to installation and technical support to meet your pursuit of high quality in all aspects of the shower, simple shower room, shower partitions and associated baths. Through exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality material combinations, fashion technology software settings or automatic or set free bathing suit individual parameters, personalized carefully crafted, it can be completely free interval order to maximize space solutions. Products are to humanity as a design concept, comfort and convenience as a criterion; We strictly implement ISO9001: 2008 quality management system and perfect production management; each with a shower room have been carefully crafted De Funi people, the use of security, waterproof, slip resistance and smoothness are far beyond the industry standard; in order to achieve a high level of safety, each hardware, hinges, pulleys have been a million times on Kwan Kai tests. De Funi toughened glass, tempered glass factory every one have been fully tested. De Funi Sanitary Ware Co., human experience is the design and smart tags, breakthrough single fashion aesthetic pursuit of material limitations, whether you want to create a modern, elegant or extreme simplicity, De Funi is your peace of choice. Our new series of smart shower room with a true custom design and pleasant, classic experience. We have through the great masters of Italian design luxury car luxury properties, the interpretation of the shower room into a stunning space art. This will improve the lives of elite sentiments and style taste, pleasing and expectations.
DEFUNI every change are able to more fully meet customer needs, to provide customers with safe, comfortable and happy life showers
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