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Corporate Philosophy:
Always adhere to the dealer and consumer demand as the company's driving force;
Always put the interests of dealers and consumers as the fundamental business survival;
Always adhere to the most useful products, the most fashionable styles, the most excellent quality;
The most attentive service, the most reasonable price to our dealers and consumers。

Future Prospects:
Corporate life lies in the quality, the enterprise's vitality lies in hard work, enterprise hope lies in credibility. All along, the spirit of "unity, integrity, hard work, responsibility, gratitude" business philosophy, De Funi people with sincerity, innovation, humility, diligence in the silence of the market atmosphere, determined to forge ahead, to hard work, bearing tenacious firm's tradition, the essence of financial innovation, determined to revive De Funi career mission, constantly challenging the ever-changing market, striving Fenshen into the ranks of the industry's first brand. Former honor has become the past, tomorrow's brilliant is higher pursuit. We are full of passion, so go ahead. We firmly believe: In the company's growing chapters, will record the next DEFUNI human sweat, writing under the De Funi wonderful person! Successful, will no longer far away!

Service Guarantee:
DEFUNI shower due to product quality and excellence, service quality, not only by the majority of consumers, but also by engineering parties alike, in many engineering operation, De Funi bathroom accumulated a lot of experience, from the size measure to design and then to the production of goods, logistics tracking, on-site construction, sale reprocessing, every step with great accuracy, methodical, in product quality, time control, quality of construction, ranked highest in the industry!